So I hear you’re all off work today. I’m not, I’m definitely ok with that!

Gerry Rafferty tribute concert in Paisley tonight. Lots of good folk singing nice songs.

Great wedding at Brig O’Doon yesterday. 

In the awesome Gorbals Sound studio today recording some sessions with Luke Daniels.

Couldn’t really ever ask for a more amazing day than the one we had today. 

Huge congrats to Siobhan & Gareth, such a hugely fun wedding!

Julien Temple tonight after the premiere of his new documentary Rio 50’. Really great film, out on BBC in a month.

Also, a remarkably lovely guy, don’t think you’d ever get bored of listening to his stories!

Wild recording session on Sunday. Quite similar to stories I’ve read about the ‘Appetite for Destruction’ sessions!

Shot first gig in ages on Sunday. Elbow @ The Hydro

Elbow @ The Hydro

@catrobertsonmua seaside cycle time on her new bike

Hit The Road

Man of Moon, Farkow & Mosco from the most recent Hit The Road tour which takes 3 young Scottish acts on their first tour.

I do a bit of training with the bands, get some live photos and do a little bit of video stuff over the course of the tour.

My little sister & her fiancée got keys for their first house at the weekend. Congratulations guys!

Back to school today

Smoked out some joggers and fisherman today.