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Skimming stones in Ullapool

He only went and put it in his mouth! @wdsc_2014 #nutjob


Clyde http://wp.me/s13hrT-clyde

WDSC2014_Ab Mauri_004

WDSC2014_Ab Mauri_001

I’m working at the Worldwide Distilled Spirits Conference all this week. Pretty much one of the best event jobs I’ve done. Did the same last time they were in Glasgow and their evening events are pretty smashing. The first element of last nights event was a cruise up the Clyde on The Clipper.

Pretty typically stunning *cough cough* Glasgow evening for it as well.

WDSC2014_Ab Mauri_004

WDSC2014_Ab Mauri_006

WDSC2014_Ab Mauri_010

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Hit the Road

Hit the Road_012

Hit the Road_001

Every couple of months or so I work on a project called Hit the Road which takes a few young musicians out for a short experience of being on tour, alongside people who do this for a living, with tour managers, techs, photographers, videographers etc etc.

The most recent one was the furthest afield we’ve been, heading to Stornoway for the last of the 3 nights via Edinburgh then Inverness.


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@imogenislay in Ullapool this morning

Off the back of a boat

Misty morning drive to Ullapool

Katherine Bryan // RSNO

Katherine Bryan // RSNO

Katherine Bryan_WebRes_018

Katherine Bryan_WebRes_018

I was photographing the incredible Katherine Bryan recording with the Royal Scottish National Orchestra recently. I don’t know the first thing about the flute, but hearing her play was breathtaking.

It felt like a real privilege to be in the room.

One those days you become aware of how amazing working at this can be.

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Electric Fields Festival

Electric Fields_007

Electric Fields_Prides_03

Last weekend was the first incarnation of a new festival called Electric Fields which was hosted in the grounds of Drumlanrig Castle. The place is awesome, I’ve never been before, or even heard of it, but the grounds are huge and the castle is pretty spectacular.

Some ace sets by equally ace bands from Honeyblood to Neon Gold. Here a few photos of neither of those bands :-)

Some of my old…

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This is Prides, but from a totally different gig as I was all busy doing the video thing

A couple of weeks ago I was out with the wonderful boys in Prides for their #pridesclub shows. Essentially they wanted to fill a week with shows that were a bit more ‘party’ than typical gig. So, naturally, they went to strangers’ houses, with more gear than you can think about. I felt a little guilty about filming the crew carry it up flights of stairs, not guilty enough to help though!!!
This is Prides, but from a totally different gig as I was all busy doing the video thing

This is…

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Remember summer? #herecomestherain


Kinda lucky that this smashing girl is so acquiescent to me taking her photo all the time