Got a hunch #pridesclub is going to be a bit mad tonight @pridesband

Fortune Favours The Brave

Fortune Favours The Brave

Personal Portfolio_018

Personal Portfolio_018

Read anything about blogging for work and it’ll tell you not to venture into the murky world of politics for fear of alienating your potential customers. This post totally ignores that advice, and isn’t really anything to do with photography. Hope you’ll excuse me, and appreciate a desire to speak about something that’s become pretty important to me.

I have recently reached the decision that…

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Big DG playing songs to people in a park

@fatgoth @belladrumfest @detourscotland Smashing!

I like getting bands wet!

(Ab)normal summer service resumes #largs

Watching on telly has it’s plus points




This is way overdue, but seems like an apt time to post as they’ve just played an astonishing gig at the Commonwealth Games closing ceremony. Went out on a hot date with Prides (yup, all of them) for a week a while back down to The Great Escape and some other places. Quite different shows from tonights, but always awesome.

Here are some photos, including awesome drum face and lots of vests.


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No idea who this is #fast

@lg_marto & @jennimurray were amazing at their wedding today. Such a fun time! #whoneedssunshine (at St Andrew’s in the Square)


@thetwilightsad smashed Koko to it’s knees. Right in time for @mogwaiband to boot it in the face!


Channeling Justin Timberlake with @lg_marto & his awesome almost wife Jen #mirrors #snog

Such poser